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Why Can’t I Update Orbi Firmware?

“Why am I unable to update the Orbi firmware? I have spent a hard time to get the job done, but nothing worked. I have explored many troubleshooting tips on Google, but still, I am unable to perform the Orbi firmware update process. “

Are these queries known to you? Of course yes! That is why you are on this post, right? You want to resolve the “can’t update Orbi firmware” issue Don’t you? Yes? Then without waiting, continue reading this post! We assure that as soon as you end up with this piece of writing, you will have a solution in hand.

Let’s dive in!

Can’t Update Orbi Firmware

The Solutions

Solution 1: Your Orbi router must be connected to your existing device via an Ethernet source.

Note: Please wait for some time. The power LED on your Orbi router might take longer than usual to become stable.

Solution 2: Another thing that you have to make sure of is that your Orbi device isn’t plugged into a damaged wall outlet.

These might seem simple solutions to you, but these are one of the most important fixes. So, please don’t ignore them.

Solution 3: The third solution that you have to try in order to update the Orbi firmware in a hassle-free way is to have a look at the power being supplied to the device. Bear in mind – if the power isn’t steady, then you will surely face issues while updating Orbi’s firmware. So, it’s better to give your Orbi a proper power. If you find fluctuation in the power, please wait till it becomes normal.

Solution 4: The Orbi router login details! What details are you using to reach the Orbi firmware update page? Are you using the default ones? If yes, and then also they aren’t working, make sure that you haven’t personalized them at the time of configuring it. And, if you have personalized them, then ensure to use them instead of defaults.

If both of them aren’t working then the only remedy left to cope up with the issue is to reset your Orbi device back to the factory default settings.

Reset Orbi

Here are the instructions to reset your Orbi:

Step 1: Keep your Orbi device plugged in.

Step 2: Press the Orbi’s reset button.

Step 3: Hold it.

Step 4: A few moments later, release it.

Your Orbi router resets successfully. Configure it first by navigating to the orbilogin page and following the on-screen instructions.

Note: The Orbi reset process is only meant for those users who have forgotten their Orbi login username and password. Rest can proceed further for more solutions.

Solution 4: This is one of the most important points to consider! The device you are using to download and update Orbi firmware must have enough space.

Solution 5: This is another important solution that can help you out in a bigger way! The correct firmware version! Make sure that you have the correct one as per the Orbi model you are using.

Solution 6: Last but not least! The exact firmware update instructions! If you have not followed the exact Orbi firmware update instructions or have interrupted the process, then also you may get the issue. So, the best way to fix it is to ensure that you have the correct instructions and follow them in a proper way.

Here are the instructions! Consider this as a bonus point for you!

Update Orbi Firmware

Step 1: Connect your Orbi to your existing device.

Step 2: Access the orbilogin page.

Step 3: Enter your Orbi router login username and password and click on Sign In.

Step 4: The dashboard of your Orbi device displays.

Step 5: Locate and click on the Menu icon.

Step 6: Select Settings and then click on Router Settings.

Step 7: Check for the latest update.

Step 8: If you find any updates available for your Orbi device, follow the on-screen instructions and get the job done within minutes.

The Last Words

Before we end this article, we would insist, while the firmware update process is going on, please do not click on any link, go online, turn off your Orbi device, and so on. If you keep this point into consideration, you will surely be able to complete the Orbi firmware update process in minutes.

Good luck and don’t forget to share your reviews about this article!



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