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How To Fix Unstable And Slow Wavlink WiFi 

People experiencing an unstable or slow network is not rare. Most things bring wireless interference. This article will give you a solution to troubleshooting an irregular or slow Wavlink wireless network.

Disconnect Extra devices

The Wavlink device becomes very busy responding to new requests if there are many computers and devices using it. If you are having multiple wireless devices, then try disconnecting some of them. After the disconnection of a useless device, you will experience the high speed of the network.

Check The Antivirus Programme

Check the software of the antivirus. Turn it off once and check the WiFi connection now. If you find any problem that is caused by the antivirus program then remove it and install another one.

Antivirus software scans the transfer files and slows down the speed of the network. Before transferring something you can turn it off and you can turn it on after the file transfer is complete. To check the details of the antivirus programme, you can login into your wavlink router. Here are the steps for Wavlink router login.

Central Location Of Router

The position of the wireless router can also affect the coverage area and strength of the WiFi signal. There are a few quick tips to place your router for a good signal.

  • Place your router in the halfway location of your house. If you place your router at a side location of your house then you will not get the strongest signal to the other side of the house.
  • The position of the router antenna is in the vertical direction so that it stands straight up. An antenna can also be lie and adjusted horizontally but standing straight up is generally the ideal position.
  • Raise your router from the floors. You will get a better strength of the signal on a desk not on a floor. 
  • You should also pay attention to the kids’ material when your router is near to them. For just take an example; place your router on a metal desk or on a metal wall then it will create a problem. WiFi signals travel through a wooden desk very easily but the metal objects obstruct the signal.

Note: A numerous variety of household appliances can cause wireless interference; it mainly depends on the position of the wavlink device. You must be aware that microwaves are not between your wavlink or wireless devices by this way problems with microwaves can often be solved.

Power Cycle Your Wavlink Device Or Computer

Problem of unstable and slow networks sometimes occurs due to overloading then you may need to do a power cycle of your wavlink device, computer and modem. There are two steps by which you can power cycle your device.

Firstly, put out the plug of the power adapter then from the wavlink device and shut down your computer. Now, power on your modem then the wavlink device waits to turn on the light after that turn on your computer.

Upgrade The Software Of The Device 

If you have tried all the above steps but still it didn’t give any results. Then you can try to upgrade the firmware of your device if any bugs occur. If you don’t know how to upgrade the software of a wavlink device or wavlink router then go to and follow the steps carefully.

Change Wireless Security Mode 

Changing the wireless security mode helps in resolving the unstable and slow network problems. It is highly recommended to use WPA or WPA2 personnel as a security mode. Rather than providing better security it will establish a stable connection with your wavlink device or wavlink router. Especially devices that come with the latest technology. By these few steps you can change the wireless security mode by following the below steps.

  • Use your computer or mobile phone and open the web browser.
  • On the address bar of the web browser type the IP address of the router which is given above in the article.
  • Press on the enter button.
  • Now, go to the wireless settings and select the wireless security option.
  • Create a strong password which have at least eight character
  • Click on the save button and apply to confirm.
  • As a result, you can reconnect all the wireless devices.


After reading this article, all the people should be able to solve their Wavlink WiFi problems. However, if you are still facing the problem then contact your internet service provider. Stay tuned for more updates and also read our blog How to fix Wavlink AC1200 setup



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