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5 Experts Share their Tips of Breaking Bad Drinking Habits

With alcohol, it’s all sunshine and rainbows until it starts affecting your life. The problem is that by the time you notice this, you’ve probably developed a drinking habit that will make it hard to cut back on your drinking. There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but it’s important to know when, and how, to stop.

If you find yourself struggling with your drinking habits, and you want to cut back, we have exactly what you need.

In this article courtesy of Sunnyside, we bring you some great tips by nutrition and fitness experts on how to break a bad drinking habit.

5 Nutrition and Fitness Experts Share their Tips for Breaking Bad Drinking Habits

There’s a lot of advice you can find online on breaking bad habits, but we wanted you to hear from experts. Here are the tips we chose from some of the best minds in the coaching industry:

  1. Change Up Your Drinking – Emmy Le-Wig

As a lifestyle change coach, Emmy helps her clients improve their overall health by working on their eating and lifestyle habits. She trains them so they can look and feel their best.

And when it comes to managing your alcohol, she thinks that the best way to work on it is by introducing other alternatives. Emmy mentions how it can be difficult to break a habit if we don’t know our triggers, so a way to work on that is replacing alcohol for other drinks when we feel compelled to have one.

For example, you can alternate every beer with a glass of water, or stock your fridge with non-alcoholic options that you love. If you are still finding it difficult to drink less this way, try changing your drink choices for options with lower alcohol levels.

  1. Eat Up Beforehand – Stephanie Fee

Stephanie Fee from NOCK Wellness has an interesting way to manage her alcohol consumption, she approaches like an Italian might. It’s her opinion that alcohol is best enjoyed when your stomach is satisfied, and it’s hard to disagree. If you go to Italy, you’ll notice that there’s always food readily available when you go to a bar or sit at a dinner table.

Drinks work best as a compliment to a lovely dinner, or even a snack, not as the main course. By avoiding drinking on an empty stomach you’ll also avoid rapid intoxication, which can quickly spiral into blood sugar drops and other negative health side effects.

Not only can you manage your drinks better with alcohol, but it’ll also improve your social health. You will have a better experience if you enjoy a meal and drinks with your friends than just drinking for the sake of it. Trust the Italians on this one, there’s a reason their word for cheers is salute.

  1. Plan Ahead – Alina Astilean

Alina has been voted as one of the best trainers in Los Angeles for her nutrition services and coaching. She creates customized exercise programs and meal plans for her clients and believes that the key to kicking a bad habit is balance.

You can start by taking a look at the aspects that you can control that affect your drinking and planning ahead when you are going to drink. For example, if you have 6-7 drinks in a week try creating a monthly plan that asks you to stick to a slightly lower amount. Then once you are comfortable with that limit, cut it back some more.

One great way to do that is by using an alcohol tracking app to help you keep track of how much you are drinking. That way you can get a clearer and more objective look at your alcohol consumption in real time.

  1. Limit Your Intake with Clever Changes – Denise Allen

Denise is a coach from Precision Nutrition with strong organizational skills, thanks to her background in corporate training and business management. As such, she knows that real change requires patience and dedication.

You have to take things slow, as trying to give up drinking entirely in one go is probably not going to work. Instead, she recommends a really quirky way to cut back on your drinking: getting your own fancy cocktail glass, but one smaller than the standard sizes.

Denise mentions that some cocktail glasses can hold quite a lot of alcohol, so getting your own can not only help you reduce your drinking, but it can also even make it more special. She also recommends taking your time with your drinks, as not only will you enjoy it more but also drink less overall.

  1. Learn About What Alcohol Does to You – Kyle Lampi

Kyle built his own fitness program called Lampi Fitness based around helping people achieve specific goals, and he has some great tips to manage your drinking. Kyle thinks that the best way to make an educated decision regarding your alcohol use is to educate yourself on its effect.

By learning about how alcohol impacts your sleep quality, muscle growth, and hormones you’ll have a better understanding of the impact that it has on you. Not only physically, but also mentally. Binge drinking can lead to anxiety, depression, and mood swings, as it affects your brain’s chemistry. And don’t get us started on your poor liver.

After you’ve learned about the effects of alcohol consumption, you can then decide what you want to do. Is drinking alcohol something that aligns with who you are or want to be? Does it affect the goals that you want to accomplish?

And more importantly, are you willing to take responsibility for how it affects you? It’s much easier to break a bad habit when your effort is paired with a deeper understanding of how it affects you.

Final Thoughts

Breaking a bad habit is not easy, and that difficulty is increased tenfold when it involves something as addictive as alcohol. It can feel great to have a few drinks, but things can easily get out of hand if you are not mindful about your relationship with booze. If you are not sure what to do about it, following the advice of experts is a good approach. Learning about what alcohol does to you, having some food with your drinks, and planning around your drink consumption can be a great way to help you break that habit.



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