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What are My HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Benefits?

HDFC Bank provides you with a MoneyBack Credit Card. Using this you will get reward points on your transactions. And later you can redeem those points for cash back, air miles, flight or hotel bookings. So have this HDFC Card for the management of your monthly budget. Because by switching to HDFC Bank Card, you can have more savings than usual. Check out this article below and learn more about the HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card benefits.

Key Benefit Of Getting An HDFC MoneyBack Card

Upon using this credit card, you will get the following benefits –

  • Earn two reward points on every INR 150 credit card transaction, this won’t include fuel transactions, e-wallets loads, prepaid credit card loads and voucher purchases.
  • Earn two times reward points that are four points on every INR 150 spent on online purchases
  • Every quarter, the cardholder will get a gift voucher worth INR 500 if your spending reaches INR 50,000. 

As per the current program of the HDFC Bank, the credit card customers can choose from any of these e-vouchers per quarter –

  • Dominos
  • Book My Show
  • Big Bazaar
  • Bata
  • Levis
  • Woodland
  • Mainland China
  • And Myntra

Note  – The list of merchants might change without any prior notice. So do check them.

Additional Benefits for the HDFC Cardholders

The bank will give you the following benefits on this credit card, so you can shop without any hassle –

Revolving Credit : 

With the Revolving Credit facility of your HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card, you can easily manage the bill payment. And if you aren’t able to pay off the whole credit card outstanding, pay a minimum due amount. So this way a nominal interest rate shall apply to your due amount and your credit record stays spotless of late or non-payment. 

With this feature, many credit card users have managed to get their savings and budget in control. So, if you face any difficulty affording the credit card payment, use this facility to manage the payout. Otherwise, there will be an unpaid bill record on your credit report which eventually lowers your credit score and might become a problem borrowing a new card or loan.

Zero Lost Card Liability : 

If you lost your HDFC MoneyBack credit card, you must report it to the service provider within 24 hours of its loss. Otherwise, you will be liable for the transaction made post the card loss. When you report it within 24 hours, you have zero liability for the fraudulent activity. 

Interest-Free Credit Period : 

Do you know HDFC Bank won’t charge any interest on your credit card bills for up to 50 days? Well, you must take advantage of this interest-free period on your HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card. It will begin from the date of your credit card purchase.

Is HDFC MoneyBack the Best Cashback Credit Cards in India?

Yes, HDFC MoneyBack is the best card you can find. It helps you meet the monthly expenses in one swipe with secure payment options and you will get rewards for using the card. Let’s see how reward points can be converted to cashback. Reward points that are accumulated on your HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card are redeemable against your statement balance at the rate of INR 0.20. And this is just a value of one point.

Redemption Against Monthly Statement Balance

For redemption against the monthly statement balance, you need to have a minimum of 2,500 points. So do HDFC Credit Card Login and see if you have enough points redemption. If you do, redeem them. This is the Best Cashback Credit Card in India reward points can also be used for redemption against travel benefits for booking hotels and flights, here you get up to a maximum of 50% off on the booking value. So get yourself this best cash back card from HDFC Bank.



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