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Guide to Muslim Wedding and Latest Marriage Invitation cards

Muslim weddings always seem attractive to people. Because there are many ceremonies and customs in the wedding ceremony. Muslim brides usually wear the “garara” on their wedding day. It usually has a “kinhab” weave. In northern India, they mark a material they call “Chapa”. But now Muslim wedding brides also wear lehengas on D-day. There are various ceremonies in Islamic marriage.

Here is a step-by-step procedure.

Pre-Wedding Ritual

Salatul Istikhara of Muslim Wedding

This is a ceremony performed before the wedding. This is when someone asks someone to marry you. Therefore, if parents take the offer seriously. Then perform istikhara salawat. Prayer is what we do when we ask God for guidance.

Mangni of Muslim Wedding

An engagement in English is what we call “manni” in Urdu. Traditionally, the groom’s family visits the bride’s home and the groom’s mother places the ring on the bride’s finger. Similarly, the bride’s family goes to the groom’s house and the bride’s father conducts the ceremony. But now the bride and groom are exchanging rings.


The swastika is basically the same as the Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings. Here the bride wears a sari or garara or lehenga suit. They are also decorated with floral ornaments. Family members use Haldi, a mixture of sandalwood and rose water. So people use Haldi with herbs. Later, Father Haldi from an Islamic wedding escaped with the help of milk. Similarly, the groom performs this ceremony at home. They usually wear white kurta pyjamas.


In this case, the bride wears a green dress. Today’s Muslim wedding brides are experimenting with shades of green. Here they perform a ritual before applying a full Mehendi. Her relatives placed a small Mehendi in the middle of her hand.


A sanchaq is actually a dress with an ornament sent to the bride in advance. So that she can wear it on the special day of the wedding.

Wedding Ritual


Barat is welcome to the groom. Every family and friend cheers for him.


It is an important part of an Islamic wedding. It’s their wedding day. Here he was appointed Maulvi. He recites several prayers and asks if the bride and groom agree to the marriage. Maulvi first asks for a bride. If you both agree, say “Qubool hai” or “I agree”.

Meher of Muslim Wedding

Meher is a ritual in which a groom promise to give money or something to the bride. So, it is mandatory to give it to the bride and then both bride and groom sign the nikah paper.

Post-Wedding Ritual


After the wedding and dinner, it was time to say goodbye to the bride. She leaves in tears to the groom’s house


Walima is really accepted. Here the relatives of the bride and groom invite all their belongings. So this is a way to announce their marriage.

Navroz/ Dassera

Four days after the wedding, the couple went to the bride’s house. They welcome you with open arms. They are also full of love and gifts.

Favourite Muslim wedding card designs

Don’t forget to cut your wedding invitations with all the busy plans for your big day. This is your chance to put your unique style on paper. So, send Islamic wedding invitations to all your friends and family that express your unique style and personality. If you don’t want the classic invitation cards, we also have a list of modern invitations. And they are trendy in the wedding world too.

Laser Cut Pockets Designs

Take a creative approach to a traditional Islamic wedding invitation for a laser-cut design. So you cannot apply the template to your desired design. Also, personalize it by designing it around your initials.

Motif Muslim Wedding Card Designs

Add a beautiful greeting border motif to bring your Islamic wedding invitations to life. In addition to the classic floral and geometric designs, the bride can choose which designs to use for Mehndi Day to make the design a little more personal.

Muslim Wedding Cards with a Royal Touch

Add a finishing touch to your invitations to add a royal touch to your Islamic wedding design as you plan your big day. These little royal touches can come in the form of a couple’s initials or even give a wedding-themed flavour.

Simple Muslim Wedding Card Designs

Who says beauty can’t be found in simplicity? This Islamic wedding invitation looks simple but very beautiful. This is a great choice for all couples who love minimalism and want a simple yet beautiful Islamic wedding card.

Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards that are Scrolls

Why choose a traditional Islamic wedding card design when you can do other things? Do it like the good old days. Send wedding invitations to all your guests at once. Choose a classic design or simply wrap an invitation and tie it in gorgeous lace.

Whatsapp Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

The app we use the most now has a new purpose for sending wedding invitations. Not only do we give you the creative freedom to choose almost any design in any colour, but it’s also the cheapest and easiest way to send an Islamic wedding invitation to all your guests.

Customized Wax Seals for Muslim Wedding Cards

Take your Islamic wedding invitations to the next level by adding a personalized wax seal to your invitations. This creative and elegant idea to personalize your invitations has a vintage feel. You can further personalize this mini stamp with a wedding-themed symbol or the couple’s initials.

The Not Paper Wedding Card Alternative

Change the papers and surprise your guests with Islamic wedding cards printed on different materials like glass and plastic. This little creative idea will make a memorable wedding invitation idea for all your guests.

Overlay Muslim Wedding Card Designs

The latest trend in the wedding world is acrylic paper wedding invitations. These little tricks can be modern or traditional in design and still look very stylish and a real conversation piece.

Designer Envelope Liner for Islamic Wedding Cards

Think wedding invitation envelopes are a little boring for your taste? All you have to do is add an envelope liner to spice it up a bit. It may seem like a small detail, but trust me. This trend in wedding invitations is changing the world. Using eco-friendly cards is also a great way to keep your cards unique.

Latest Wedding Invitation Trends You’ll Love

Choosing a design later for your wedding will make it look more attractive to your guests. So this type of cutout design is the best design collection for your wedding. And it looks beautiful.



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